Brad Guth

SVP, GM of Enterprise

Brad Guth
Reimagining diagnostic testing to help large-scale organizations keep their populations safe and productive
Concord, MA

Brad Guth is energized by technology driven change like Primary.Health’s continual innovation to help large organizations, including government entities and large employers protect the health of their populations through reimagined diagnostic testing.

He has deep experience in leading disruptive companies through periods of hyper growth. At iBasis, he was a key member of the executive team as the communications as a service provider and was at the forefront of changes in how international voice and data communications are transported and sold. He helped enable growth from $100 million in revenue to $1.2 billion revenue annually, with three consecutive years as the fastest growing company in New England. 

At CIC Health, he was part of the founding team that created and scaled a highly successful COVID-19 solutions business and led business development for channel partnerships and large employers.

Brad is passionate about soccer, supporting Fulham FC and playing in his adult Sunday league. He enjoys a good book and established a book club with his close friends that to date has had over 120 book and beer pairings.