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We provide turnkey solutions to quickly and efficiently manage your research studies and trials.

Built to meet your needs. From a simple trial to a complex multi-year study.

From academic, medical, environmental and psychology research studies, to drug and medical device trials, provides software and administrative solutions to organize, streamline, and automate your research.
Individual researchers
Academic institutions
Contract Research Organizations
Device & Diagnostic Companies

Efficiency, Simplicity & Security

Our platform combines a consumer-friendly, low-barrier interface with a sophisticated back-end that integrates with and exports data to any other software.
  • For all study types and phases
  • Quickly enroll, collect consent and randomize participants
  • Efficiently gather data from the field – cloud-based platform compatible with smartphones, tablets and computers
  • Customize solutions to meet Institutional Review Boards (IRB) standards
  • Automate, randomize and customize communications – email, SMS text, robo-calls, survey questionnaires
  • Communicate with participants in 30+ languages
  • Provide phone support to those without internet access
  • Easily manage sample collection, barcoding, and lab orders
  • Integrate with multiple devices, including IOT and wearables 

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Why use Primary.Health?

Streamlined solution

A comprehensive, customizable out-of-the-box solution to stand up and run your study

Unlimited integrations

Easy software, device, systems and lab integration

Less resources

Get more done, with less staffing, by greatly reducing your tech admin needs

User experience

Streamlined and simplified user experience for participant and researchers

Primary.Health optimizes your study so that you can focus on your research vision.
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We are committed to creating a safer, healthier world by empowering individuals and organizations with convenient, efficient, and affordable technology solutions.

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``Primary.Health’s web-based platform made registration and testing for the UofL Jefferson County study easy, effective and informative. Our findings helped us communicate with community residents how widespread COVID-19 infection rates were in the early days of this pandemic aiding in crushing the curve and saving lives.``
Rachel J. Keith, Ph.D., APRN, ANP-C Assistant Professor of Medicine, University of Louisville

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