Follow the new playbook for COVID and flu
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Follow the new playbook for workplace wellness

Keep your workforce productive and safe from airborne disease

Protect employees from airborne disease

With a new playbook for COVID-19, flu, and other airborne diseases, organizations are making their workplaces safer and healthier. Primary.Health provides access to the latest innovations in diagnostics, treatment, and protocols paired with a SaaS platform to make it easy and affordable to protect your workforce:

  • Raise vaccination rates and reduce sick days
  • Utilize the latest diagnostics to distinguish among the common cold, flu, and COVID-19
  • Help employees return to good health with access to treatments within the first 48 hours of symptoms
  • Leverage automated protocols that can be easily administered



Investing in employee health is the message your workforce needs now

The best way to help your workforce manage everyday risks from airborne diseases is to give them access to the latest innovations in healthcare. Primary.Health’s industry leading COVID-19 and flu platform and managed programs can help your employees and their families stay healthy and feel protected while elevating your employer brand as a wellness and well-being leader.


In Numbers

Impact of airborne diseases on companies and their employees


Influenza cases each year among working age people in the United States


Approximate weekly cost to employers for absent workers due to COVID-19


Of new claims for short-term disability are due to diseases of the respiratory system


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Key Features

Designed to impress employees

Web-based platform compatible with any device icon

Web-based platform compatible with any device

Millions of registered users. Available in 24+ languages. HIPAA-compliant.

Access to leading edge innovations icon

Access to leading edge innovations

Multiplex diagnostics, accelerated access to care and Rx’s, environmental monitoring.

'Smart' workflows icon

'Smart' workflows

Updated CDC and state guidance is built into workflows and communications.

Metrics that matter icon

Metrics that matter

View the health of your entire workforce through configurable dashboards and take action.


All the latest Primary.Health updates

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Primary.Health and Poppy Health Collaborate with Head Start Oakland to Eradicate Airborne Viruses in Classrooms Through Indoor Air Safety Monitoring

The public health platform and indoor air monitoring company build on their successful partnership to keep Bay-Area pre-schools safe from diseases like COVID, Flu, and RSV

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Poppy Health Releases Results from Pilot with Primary.Health on Indoor Air Safety Monitoring for Schools

The pilot results showcase the importance of air monitoring for airborne illnesses

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Primary.Health Announces New Medical Director Aditya Chandrasekhar

Physician leader from Fenway Health in Boston joins the growing clinical team to fight ongoing health crises.

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San Francisco International Airport Partners with Primary.Health to Implement Rapid COVID-19 Testing Program of International Travelers

Primary.Health partners with San Francisco International Airport to provide COVID-19 testing program to stem the spread of the Omicron variant...

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Primary.Health Selected by the Minnesota Departments of Administration and Health as a COVID-19 Testing Vendor

Testing continues to be an important tool for Minnesotans to quickly identify whether they or a family member have a COVID-19 infection, so they can isolate and slow the spread of the virus,” said…

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Primary.Health Signs Health Equity Pledge to Leverage Data in Addressing Disparities

Data and technology have immense power to identify and help reverse societal structures that have had a measurable impact on inhibiting good health and quality of life. However, we must take a systemic approach…

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"Test to Stay": New Approach Keeps COVID-Exposed Students in Class

The test-to-stay model appears to be driving a share of that interest. Andrew Kobylinski, the CEO of Primary.Health, which works with California and other states to expand rapid testing, said test-to-stay “is definitely gaining” popularity in schools.

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Rapid COVID-19 Testing Proves a Key Tool for Safer In-Person Learning in California Schools

As the State of California releases new guidance for schools and the Delta variant spreads, the Public Health Institute’s Safely Opening Schools (SOS) school testing program is reporting on findings from more than 200 California schools...

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