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Now What?! Top 3 Considerations for Covid-19 testing and Workforce Health

Watch the webinar to learn:
  • How do we ensure business continuity as we move from pandemic to endemic?
  • How do you decide the best approach to sustainable, cost-effective testing within your organization? 
  • How do you use testing and wellness programs to attract, engage and retain talent?
  • How do you keep the cost and impact of these programs low?

Regardless of federal Covid-19 testing mandates, employers are now making their own critical testing protocol decisions on how to balance business continuity with employee peace of mind, workforce health, convenience, and operational cost. 

Many of the country’s top employers have developed and announced their own streamlined testing programs as part of their ongoing efforts to stay ahead of workplace transmission. Employers are also discovering that these measures are having a positive impact on talent attraction, talent retention, and employee experience efforts, which means most companies will follow suit.

So what testing cadence and format is right for your unique workforce, and how do you cost-effectively integrate it into normal operations without disrupting and distracting your teams?

Get your answers from our expert panel. Watch the on-demand webinar now.

Key discussion points:

  • Ensuring business continuity as we move from pandemic to endemic
  • Using testing and wellness programs to attract, engage and retain talent 
  • Capitalizing on innovations in testing, technology, and process to keep the cost and impact of programs low


Jackie Martinez

Jackie Martinez

Primary.Health | Head of Product

Jackie Martinez is a motivating force behind Primary.Health’s mission to increase access to quality healthcare with a platform that adapts to the needs of communities and providers. She’s also passionate about advancing knowledge through research and believes tech can be used to free up researchers to do what they do best, find answers. Prior to Primary.Health, Jackie’s experience spans roles in research projects in East Africa, strategy and analytics at Google, and data strategy at Movii, a Columbian fintech firm focused on financial inclusion. Jackie also serves as Director of Operations for the non-profit Returning a Promise Scholarship Fund. In this role, she helps empower students in East Los Angeles with financial scholarships so that they can pursue higher education and ultimately help their community grow. In her free time, Jackie plays Ultimate Frisbee and a variety of musical instruments.
Robin Schooling

Robin Schooling

Peridus Group

Managing Partner, HR + People Strategy

Robin Schooling is Managing Partner, HR + People Strategy with Peridus Group, a boutique human capital consulting firm that specializes in helping independent thinking business leaders navigate critical phases of growth and change. She’s a regular speaker to global HR and business audiences, has a long-running HR blog at RobinSchooling.com, and has written for Recruiting Daily, Fast Company, Certified Magazine, HR Examiner, SHRM and other sites. Since 2018 she’s been co-host of DrivethruHR, one of the longest continuously running HR radio shows/podcasts, is a Board Member with HR Open Source and manages the Carnival of HR, a long-running blogging carnival. Robin lives in Baton Rouge, Louisiana where she’s a fervent and unapologetic New Orleans Saints fan and continues on her quest to search out the perfect French75. You can connect with her on Twitter and LinkedIn.