Maximize efficiency of staff, capture more revenue and serve more people.

An Ultra Efficient, Lightweight EHR for Providers & Labs

Key Features

Appointment Scheduling

Convenient and streamlined appointment scheduling.

Registration & Digital Consent

Digitally collect and store patient, parental and guardian consent.

Automated Results Notification

Streamlined and automated results notifications.

Automated Database Reporting

Streamlined process for automated state reporting.

QR Codes

Test results via QR Code for simple verification

Check-in & Check-out

Quick and efficient on-site check-in and check-out.

Waitlist Options

Manage workflows and staffing needs by enabling waitlists.

Appointment Scheduling

Travel letters including Passport information.

Why Choose Primary.Health?

Primary.Health’s software is a cost effective and agile solution with minimal administrative training time. The user-friendly, simple and secure front-end allows participants to easily self-enroll, including those outside of an established patient population. As a lightweight EHR in the field, the proactive digital registration and consent process enables community partner groups and staff to work in tandem with clinicians in one platform, without any user-based cost.

End Users

Admin Users

Supported Modalities

Additional Features

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Primary is integrated with an ever-growing list of labs. If your preferred lab is not already integrated with Primary.Health, let us know!
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Modalities currently supported. New modalities are added frequently upon client request.
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Quality assurance. Primary.Health works with labs, providers, schools, employers, research institutions and community organizations to empower health.

Pricing plans and options

Not only is our platform easy to use, powerful and built to meet your needs, we provide simple, flexible, and predictable pricing.

Custom plans available.



Monthly platform fee


Custom Plans

For providers servicing large contracts

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