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Making COVID-safe schools a reality one test at a time.
“Primary.Health got our BinaxNOW™ program up and running in less than 24 hours. Their platform helped us create a safer in-person learning environment for all of our staff especially our teachers and students.”

Roy Mendiola, Ed.D., Superintendent, McSwain Union Elementary School District, Merced CA

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Why choose Primary.Health?

We are more than just another software company. We provide the technology and support to organize, streamline, and automate cost-effective testing and vaccination programs that meet your state’s school needs. Our web-based platform provides you the ability to quickly register participants, schedule appointments, arrange for easy on-site check-in and check-out, and exchange data between labs and state databases, easing the reporting process.

Technology built with you in mind

Stream-lined Workflow Solutions & Data Analytics

Support & security that meets you where you are

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How it works!

State and school district testing and vaccine programs that meet your needs.



Primary.Health will provide playbooks and best practices to help you to create a safe and efficient testing program.



We make it easy to create your organization’s account, upload rosters, send registration links, and obtain parental/participant consent.




Test results are automatically reported to public health agencies and back to parents/participants.



Our dashboards help you track, evaluate, and improve your testing program.


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California Schools

In partnership with the California Department of Public Health and the COVID-19 Testing Task Force, Primary.Health is pleased to offer free rapid testing to school districts throughout California.

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We help organizations maximize limited resources by automating, streamlining, and organizing cost-effective testing and vaccination programs at scale.

Primary.Health in the News

Primary.Health is committed to safely opening schools.

In partnership with Public Health Institute, and funding from the California Endowment and Ballmer group, Primary.Health is supporting the Safely Opening Schools (SOS) pilot. The SOS pilot is an eight-week program that promotes rapid antigen testing twice weekly in 10 elementary and middle schools throughout California with the intention of safely reopening schools.

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Solutions that meet your State’s School Testing & Vaccine Program needs.

We work with the best science available to expand access and lower the cost of COVID-19 testing and vaccination for your state’s schools program.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Primary.Health works with state and county offices of education to set up affordable, efficient testing programs at scale. Individual school districts and private schools should contact their county and state education agencies to discuss making Primary.Health’s services available to all participating districts.

To enroll schedule a call with our sales team by clicking here.

If you are a California School, please submit an application to the California Department of Public Health (CDPH). You can enroll on our website: Sign Up Here

Yes, Primary.Health automates the reporting process for all test results and vaccinations to state and county databases. We also automatically notify participants of their results and provide digital copies of test results and vaccination records.

Primary.Health’s platform supports all different types of COVID-19 testing and vaccination. Your school district may have access to rapid antigen, PCR, LAMP, or other types of COVID-19 testing. We also support any brand of COVID-19 vaccine. If you do not have access to test kits, Primary.Health can refer you to recommended labs and suppliers.

It depends on the type of testing your school district chooses to use. For rapid antigen tests, most participants self-swab about one inch inside the nose (anterior nasal). For saliva PCR testing, children and adults will spit into a tube or cup up to the fill line. As other types of testing come to market, Primary.Health will work to incorporate them into our platform.

Primary.Health empowers school districts to run their own testing programs. This reduces costs and avoids extra people coming onto your campus. Primary.Health will help train school nurses, administrators, and teachers on how to run efficient, convenient testing programs.

Primary.Health’s software works on any Internet-connected device (tablet, laptop, smartphone) using any web browser (Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox). For laptops, we recommend a USB-connected webcam. For tablets and smartphones, you will use your device’s camera.

Primary.Health’s software supports all different brands of COVID-19 testing and vaccination. Typically, your state or county will supply the test kits. Primary.Health will provide playbooks and checklists for the recommended PPE and hardware you will need to run your state or school district’s testing program.

Primary.Health will work with your local health agency to support teacher/staff vaccination clinics. We do not have access to vaccine supply. We will also provide playbooks and consult on how to run a smooth and efficient vaccine clinic in your school’s parking lot, gymnasium or other setting using our software to register for vaccine appointments and ensure all CDC and state reporting is completed.

For both rapid and PCR tests, we recommend participants swab and go. It is much safer than staying in the room waiting for your test results. Most districts will be able to perform about 40-50 rapid tests per hour with one tester and one helper. PCR testing takes even less time, but you do not get the results right away.

Yes, Primary.Health provides daily, weekly, and monthly reports with detailed statistics and analytics to help track any outbreaks, patterns, or irregularities in your testing program. Our dashboards help inform stepped up safety protocols and can facilitate contact tracing.