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Primary.Health is the leading technology solution for keeping your large population safe.
I received my vaccine yesterday. The procedure was flawless. So pleased how organized and efficient it was. I am appreciative.
Wendy Colorado
Thank you for your very clear, empathic, and professional response. Your communication approach is very encouraging. I am very impressed. I will follow your instructions.
Harold Minnesota
Thank you. I was surprised and very appreciative to hear back from you. Yes, I did receive a text yesterday with a link to schedule my appointment. I assume that this is because my request to update my registration was fulfilled. I am awed by the Amazing Customer Service under these taxing circumstances. If there is a way for you to pass along this note of gratitude, please do.
Patty Colorado

Primary.Health isn't just another software company.

We provide technology and support to organize, streamline, and automate cost-effective testing programs at scale. Our testing spans three areas of expertise:


Comprehensive, intuitive web-based portal that works on any device and any browser that allows you to register participants, schedule appointments, arrange for easy on-site check-in and check-out, and share state databases, easing the reporting process.

Site Logistics at Scale

Leverage our expertise in mass event production and process engineering with on-site workflow management designed to test participants quickly and easily, and automate reporting, all while meeting your unique requirements.

Data Analytics

Monitor program metrics, track program stats at an organization level through your personalized analytics dashboard.

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Primary.Health in Action!

Vaccinating underserved populations in the Mission District of San Francisco

Vaccination site at 18th and Shotwell powered by

“This has been one of the most rewarding, important and impactful collaborations of my professional career... It takes a community to overcome a pandemic — and that is what we see here.” said Dr. Diane Havlir, UCSF professor of medicine about the San Francisco Department of Public Health and the Latino Task Force vaccination site at Local 261 which is powered by Primary.Health.
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Providing comprehensive solutions to complex problem.

At Primary.Health we are lab-agnostic, test-agnostic, and insurance-agnostic allowing us to partner with you to create a COVID-19 program designed to meet your community's needs.

Providers we partner with...

Areas we serve...

Tests our platform supports...

Abbott BinaxNOW™

Rapid Antigen test – results in 15 minutes.

Abbot ID NOW

Portable, rapid molecular test – results in 13 minutes or less.

Quidel Sofia

Antigen Fluorescent Immunoassay (FIA) – results in 15 minutes.

Cue health

Rapid molecular test – results in 20 minutes.

BD Veritor™

Rapid Antigen test – results in 15 minutes.


Lateral flow immunochromatographic assay antigen test – results in 10 minutes.


Mail in nucleic acid detecting test.


Single use, disposable testing – results in less than 30 minutes.


Instrument-free, rapid PCR test – results in less than 30 minutes.

Labs we partner with...

We trust you to know what's best for your organization.

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Primary.Health’s technology empowers rapid COVID-19 testing in California Schools!

In partnership with the California Department of Public Health and the COVID-19 Testing Task Force, Primary.Health is the software solution for Safely Opening Schools (SOS) and is pleased to offer free rapid testing to school districts throughout California.
Find out more about the SOS pilot.
Safely Opening Schools Logo

Primary.Health is committed to providing a new kind of care...

Improving access to care

Primary.Health's is working to democratizes healthcare giving everyone access to affordable, quality care where they are comfortable receiving it.

Modernizing healthcare

We love improving processes at Primary.Health, but when the process is broken we work with our customers, vendors, and partners to build new solutions. Because sometimes you have to start fresh.

Putting power back in people's hands

Primary.Health is product agnostic. We work with a variety of testing and vaccination solutions, and labs so you can customize a program that you think is right for your organization. We work to provide you with the most up-to-date data.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does testing cost?

Primary.Health works with government agencies, departments of education, health care organizations, and large employers to design a testing program that meets their needs. Pricing depends on the package of services included in the testing program and volume of testing per month. Please contact us to discuss your needs and budget, and schedule a product demo to see how we can best support you in keeping your community safe and healthy.

What languages does Primary.Health's software support?

Primary.Health is committed to health equity and access to care. In keeping with that commitment, we regularly expand the languages that our web-based platform supports. We currently support 21 languages and growing.






















Are test results reported to public health authorities?

Yes, Primary.Health facilitates automated reporting of all test results to state and county databases (if applicable). For lab-based tests, Primary.Health submits the lab orders and the lab report results to public agencies directly. For rapid tests, Primary.Health automatically reports test results to state databases on the client’s behalf. In addition, we notify all participants of both lab-based and rapid test results and provide digital, printable copies through a HIPAA-compliant portal. Individuals without internet access can call a toll-free number to access their test results.

What kind of tests do you offer?

Primary.Health’s platform is test-agnostic supporting all different types of COVID-19 testing and vaccination, including PCR, pooled PCR, rapid antigen, NAAT, LAMP, antibody, multiplex testing, and emerging technologies. Our platform also supports all brands of flu and COVID-19 vaccine. Clients may already know which type of tests they plan to use or have access to test kits provided through state or federal government. If you do not know which type of tests you would like to use, we can recommend testing options to meet your needs and budget.

How is the specimen collected?

It depends on the type of testing your organization chooses to use. For rapid antigen tests, most participants self-swab about one inch inside the nose (anterior nasal). For saliva PCR testing, children and adults will spit into a tube or cup up to the fill line. As other types of testing come to market, Primary will work to incorporate them into our platform.

Who administers the tests?

Primary.Health offers self-administered or administered testing options to meet your needs. We empower organizations to run their own testing programs independently if they so choose, or we can provide onsite testing support. In either scenario, we will work to find the most cost-effective, consumer-friendly option for your workplace, campus, or venue.

What equipment do I need to run a testing program?

Primary.Health’s software works on any internet-connected device (tablet, laptop, smartphone) using any web browser (Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox). For laptops, we recommend a USB-connected webcam. For tablets and smartphones, you will use your device’s camera. If you are using test kits that require label printing, we can work with you on tech kit lists and recommended hardware.

Does Primary.Health provide test kits and PPE?

Primary.Health does not distribute test kits or resell personal protective equipment (PPE). We provide playbooks and best practices on the PPE needed to run different types of tests, and we integrate with whichever labs or testing modalities you choose to use. We pride ourselves in empowering you to make the testing and vaccination choices that serve your community best.  We currently support the following types of COVID-19 tests. If you’d like us to add a test, we are happy to do that for you.

Abbott BinaxNOW™

Abbot ID NOW

Quidel Sofia

Cue health

BD Veritor™





How long does testing take?

Test results return times vary based on the type of test or tests that you choose. Most rapid test results are returned in 15 minutes or less.


For both rapid antigen and PCR tests, we recommend participants swab and go. It is much safer for participants to leave the testing area as quickly as possible to maintain physical distinancing until results are returned, keeping testing staff and others safe. Whether you are running a 23-lane drive-thru site, a camps walk-up site, or a small kiosk inside a venue or lobby, Primary.Health works with you to ensure the smoothest and most efficient testing program possible. Our team are experts in site logistics and process engineering, and can support you in conducting hundreds of tests per hour.

How does Primary.Health’s data analytics tool inform my testing program?

Primary.Health provides automated reports with data analytics and customized dashboards to help track outbreaks, identify patterns, and isolate irregularities in your testing program. Our dashboards help inform stepped-up safety protocols and can facilitate contact tracing. We provide a holistic view of your testing program, including tracking discordant results between PCR and rapid tests, demographic and age breakdowns, site efficiency, and abnormal readings.

How do participants enroll in testing?

Primary.Health supports you in easily creating custom email and SMS messages allowing you to have your participants enroll for testing in the way that best meets your needs. They’ll be sent a link to register where they will be asked for basic information such as name, phone number and email address, and required CDC health information. Participants can click the link and register in a matter of seconds.


As an administrator of your testing program you will have the ability to have participants complete any needed compliance documentation as part of the registration process. You can also set up a custom landing page providing them with additional testing guidance. You will also have the ability to gate participants (block participants from registering for testing) based on criteria like email domain name, location criteria and age.

What should participants expect during testing?

Participants will check in electronically or with staff on site. Then they proceed to sample collection and submission. Once the sample is associated with their participant record they are free to leave. Test results will be automatically reported to the participant by email or SMS depending on which option the test administrator chooses.

How do participants receive their results?

When test results become available, participants receive a text message and/or email notification that links them to a HIPAA-compliant portal to view their results. For those without internet access or landline-only numbers, there is a toll-free number participants can call to access their test results.

Does the program administrator receive results directly?

For university, employer, and public entity programs, we provide administrative teams with a program dashboard to effectively monitor participant health. Participants provide consent for testing and HIPAA authorization for results sharing as part of our scheduling system before being tested.

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