Chris Zhu

Chief Technology Officer

Chris Zhu
Combining speed with precision to engineer software solutions in the healthcare space
San Francisco, CA

Chris Zhu believes that the quicker you get something built, the sooner it can be tested and improved. His engineering and product management talents were key to Primary.Health’s blazing trajectory from inception, to an efficient and streamlined software platform during a time of critical health care need.

Before coming to Primary, Chris worked as software engineer for big tech including building algorithms for Facebook and Instagram and as a lead engineer for Airbnb where he used ML and AI to develop a chatbot platform that powered Airbnb’s customer support.

A challenge Chris would like to solve in the healthcare space is how to create a patient centric EHR that empowers people to carry their healthcare data with them and be able to transfer it seamlessly between hospitals and providers. Chris is also interested in volunteering in environments where he can teach software skills to people, as well as developing and maintaining open source software.

In his free time, Chris enjoys reading and playing multiple sports including golf, hockey, volleyball and tennis.