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Vaccinations + air quality + testing = preparedness

Schools, it's time to gear up for a disruption-free 23/24 school year. Let’s stop the spread of infectious diseases together!

The platform for protecting population health

Our education solutions include a suite of digital school health management tools to keep students and classrooms safe and healthy while saving valuable administrative time. For example, our immunization record management and reporting software automates parent communications, record retrieval, compliance reporting, and other key tasks, increasing staff efficiency. And our indoor air assessment and mitigation program offers a blueprint for safer classroom air and healthier learning.

Together with our customers and partners, Primary.Health makes offices, schools, and public spaces safer for people to thrive within them.


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The best companies to work for use Primary.Health to improve employee satisfaction and ensure business continuity.

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Public Health

Public entities trusted by their communities use Primary.Health to power their public health initiatives.

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Testing, vaccinations, and health management tools to keep kids and their families safe and healthy.

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Giving California Department of Public Health the capabilities to protect the most complex populations.

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Born of a mission that drives everything we do

Primary.Health was founded out of a volunteer effort to protect one small California town at the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, and we have grown into a mission-driven company committed to protecting the entire country from all infectious diseases. Read more about our mission and vision and how you can be a part of it.

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We provide the proven solutions and rapid response that your community needs, so you can manage how you believe best.

Case Study

How a small at-home rapid testing pilot benefits 4,000+ schools today

In late 2021/early 2022, the California Department of Health (CDPH) and Primary.Health tested the impact of back-to-school COVID-19 rapid testing on disease spread in about 60 school districts. Today, learnings from that pilot inform our health management solutions for 4,000+ schools.
In the pilot, CDPH trusted Primary.Health to centralize diagnostic data. Together, we provided rapid tests to over 60 school districts and health departments. Beyond antigen and PCR testing, the program focused on health equity by allocating more resources to those with increased exposure to COVID-19.
97.5% of positive tests logged were from asymptomatic participants, which means that without testing, most could have unwittingly exposed students and staff.
Fast-forward to today: Primary.Health leveraged findings from this small pilot to expand our suite of school health management tools in use in 4,000+ California schools: immunization management, OTC testing and vaccinations, and indoor air safety.
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positive tests were asymptomatic
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